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Chris Holt

Chris is the founder of EN Architects, a design led, contemporary and quality driven architectural studio in Hove, East Sussex.

Inspired by the wealth of architectural events promoted by The Architecture Diaries in other cities, Chris was motivated to create The Brighton Architecture Diary with help from NLA – London’s built environment community.

His aspiration for The Brighton Architecture Diary is for it to become the go to platform for showcasing architecture and design related events in Brighton and Sussex.

The spirit of The Brighton Architecture Diary is collaborative and an opportunity to show the abundance and diversity of the local cultural scene.



With June on the horizon, it is time to bask in the full glory of a British summertime (no scoffing at the back). With so much to see and do, you can afford to leave the brolly at home get drenched in a deluge of art and design.

This month, Worthing is leading the way with a host of events that aren’t to be missed. Colonnade House has two exhibitions that deal with the tension and collaboration between architecture and nature. Marina Burgess’s “You are here” is a series of oil paintings capturing the seemingly ordinary views we all encounter and often dismiss every day. Here the artist will challenge us to think again and look with new eyes. Later in the month a collaboration between Life Love and Me, and Linescapes will highlight the juxtaposition of nature v architecture. With opposing subject matters and varied lens, these exhibitions will really challenge the way we see and interact with our environment.

In between these two shows ECE will continue their series of talks with Graham Morrison from Allies and Morrison sharing key projects from his impressive career.

But we can’t let Worthing have all the fun, as we leap from one architect reflecting on their career highlights, to a host of future architects about to embark on their own journey. The University of Brighton is hosting their end of year shows and this year the Brighton Architecture Diary is excited to be sponsoring an end of year prize, so make sure you get down to the university and see what the next generation of thinkers and doers are thinking. And doing.

Moving further East, I am really looking forward to visiting Barbara Kasten’s summer long installation and exhibition at the De la Warr. Site Lines is an “interdisciplinary performance’ between photography, sculpture, architecture, and painting.” and is not to be missed.

In fact, whilst you’re there, why not book in for a tour of the pavilion itself and learn about the building’s as well as Bexhill’s history. Book up soon though as these are selling fast.

Finally, if you’ve lost your favourite mac and really can’t face it outside, Meshwork have a really interesting webinar on trauma informed design that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own desk. Don’t forget to log those CPD credits!

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